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Kyle MacDonald (United States)
Director, Specialized Masters and PhD Admissions
Boston University, Questrom School of Business

“MASTERTUBE.com allow us connect with candidates and showcase Questrom to those who aren’t able to visit us in person.”

Julan Das (Bangladesh)
Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE)
Antwerp Management School

“I found my school on MasterTube. I think it’s an amazing platform and medium where students can connect with the best schools”

Frederik Hamann (Germany)
Master in Management
ESMT Berlin

“I looked at every video I could find about the school I was interested in. It helped me make my final decision”

Nathalie Naveda (Switzerland)
SIM-HSG Manager
University of St. Gallen - HSG

“Working with MasterTube has been a great experience - especially their numerous visits to our campus! Students and staff really enjoyed taking part in the filming, thanks to the professionalism, efficiency and great attitude of the crew.”

Chloé Potier (France)
Master in Management (GETT)
EDHEC Business School

“MasterTube allowed me to discover what I could experience during my Master by watching videos of my predecessors”

Arnoud Monster (The Netherlands)
Executive Director Recruitment & Admissions
RSM Erasmus University

“Videos contribute significantly to the ‘first impression of a school and MasterTube is a well-thought-out tool for students to truly evaluate various educational programs and the schools which offer them.”

In your lifetime, you'll get only a few chances to promote yourself to a Master in a certain field or industry... all the more reason to make 100% sure you choose the RIGHT school, Master program and life-long community.

At MASTERTUBE, our mission is to help you in your decision-making process. Data and statistics will help you narrow your search, but experiencing what your future school is all about by watching and comparing videos online, will help you make your final decision with more confidence.


You’re about to invest a lot of time and money on a life changing learning experience, so invest a little time to search, discover and experience different schools and programs to understand and evaluate all your options.

In order to help simplify your search, MASTERTUBE has created three video categories (About Us, Testimonials and Faculty). If you like what you see, download a brochure or request a video call with a school representative from your favorite schools to get more information.


We've been busy this summer! So you will see we have launched a brand new portal and added some great new features!

To ensure your school profile is up to date, please double check the following:

We are very exctited about the improvements and look forward to receiving your feedback to help us continuously better our services for you and your future students!

Feel free to schedule a call to discuss how we can help you produce, promote and/or distribute your videos to attract the right candidates for your Master's programs.

Rick Rudolph, Founder & Managing Director

+31 (0) 6 55 21 0007

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