Videos are a dynamic, fun, reliable and easy way to share information across time and space by adding a touch of reality.  It is THE medium of today’s generation and has penetrated many aspects of our lives. Educational institutions are increasingly using video to share information and knowlege, as well as recruit its students.

Until now, there has not been an exclusive video platform where prospective Master students and business schools around the world could really engage and connect.

MASTERTUBE™ is the first of its kind, being  the only official video portal for postgraduate Master programs. MASTERTUBE™ bridges that social gap between educational institutions and prospective students through its free, easy-to-use video hosting service. The Educational institutions authorize and monitor their videos, so users know that the content is both accurate and reliable.

Universities and Business Schools create profiles on MASTERTUBE™ and upload their videos and information to be hosted on the site. They remain the owners of the content and therefore responsible for the videos and information shared on this portal.


In your lifetime, you'll get only a few chances to promote yourself to a Master in a certain field or industry... all the more reason to make 100% sure you choose the RIGHT school, Master program and life-long community.

At MASTERTUBE, our mission is to help you in your decision-making process. Data and statistics will help you narrow your search, but experiencing what your future school is all about by watching and comparing videos online, will help you make your final decision with more confidence.

You’re about to invest a lot of time and money on a life changing learning experience, so invest a little time to search, discover and experience different schools and programs to understand and evaluate all your options.

In order to help simplify your search, MASTERTUBE has created three video categories (About Us, Testimonials and Faculty). If you like what you see, download a brochure or request a video call with a school representative from your favorite schools to get more information.

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Our new Media Kit 2024 is now also available to DOWNLOAD. Let us help you create the videos you need to showcase your school, programs and community!

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