Videos are a modern, fun and easy way to both share and receive information. It is THE medium of today’s generation and has penetrated many aspects of our lives. Educational institutions are also increasingly using video to recruit and educate its students.

Until now, there has not been an exclusive video platform where prospective post-graduate Master students and universities located around the world could really engage and connect.

Introducing MASTERTUBE™- The MASTER Video Search Portal.

MASTERTUBE™ is the first of its kind in the education sector and is the only official video portal for postgraduate Master programs out there. MASTERTUBE™ bridges that social gap between educational institutions and prospective students through its free, easy-to-use video hosting service. Videos include promotional, testimonial and lecture content. The educational institutions authorize all videos, so users know the content is both accurate and reliable.

Educational institutions create profiles on MASTERTUBE™ and upload their videos and information to be hosted on the site. This is a quick way to gain more online exposure and video views, and attract a larger, diverse and global pool of prospective students.

Read more about this in WHY MASTERTUBE™

Prospective students can easily explore and compare hundreds of Master programs around the world, one video at a time, via phone, tablet or home computer. Users can also search for specialized MBA programs on MASTERTUBE™’s sister site, MBATUBE™.

Start exploring MASTERTUBE™ now. Search. View. Experience.

MASTERTUBE™ in a nutshell:

  • FREE and easy-to-use MASTER video search portal
  • Supports YouTube and Vimeo
  • Advanced Master Program search & filter options
  • Promotion, testimonial and lecture content categories
  • Official University videos only; accurate and reliable
  • Learn and experience Master programs before making a final decision
  • Exchange profile information for best Master program matches




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