Video is THE medium of today’s generation, when sharing and receiving information!

Boost your video views 

Choose which video(s) to promote and where. Get more targeted video views by placing your video on the homepage of OR place your video at the top of selected searches to attract more video views from a particular country, specialization or other advanced criteria. 

Increase click-throughs and traffic 

Add your logo to’s homepage logo carousel to generate tra c to your pro le or own website. Buy a banner to feature your institution or program. Pay per 50K, 100K or 150K impressions. Banners di er in price and size. 

Generate more leads 

Upgrade to a ‘Premium Pro le’ and capture the information of your viewers via a personalized LEAD FORM. Premium School Pro les allow unlimited lead generation for 12 months. 

Create new video content 

Invite us to your campus to create a promotion video for your pro le OR let us help you produce a unique and cost e ective school branded video to share with your online community. 


Generate leads though our new brochure-download function.
Check out the LEADS-tab in your school dashboard for more information.

REMEMBER to upload a brochure and insert your school website url! (PROFILE-tab)

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