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MASTERTUBE™ is the first of its kind in the education sector. It's a free and easy-to-use video platform that provides users with access to official videos on Master&'s programs from leading universities around the world.
No. Users can explore and compare Master's programs for FREE to discover the Master's experience offered by each institution prior to making a final education decision.
Videos include promotional, testimonial and lecture content. Only official videos from participating schools are permitted on MASTERTUBE™
No. Only official educational institution representatives may post videos on MASTERTUBE™. University representatives create profiles on MASTERTUBE™ and authorize the official videos hosted on the site.
Videos posted on MASTERTUBE™ remain the property of the educational institution, which created and uploaded the video(s).
MASTERTUBE™ uses its own score engine to determine top rated videos using the number of video views and the average star rating as main criteria.
MBATUBE™ is the sister site of MASTERTUBE™, providing access to official videos on MBA programs from leading business schools around the world.
Each user needs a MASTERTUBE™ account to create a personal playlist. You therefore have to create your own login details. Only members can rate, share or like videos.
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