Will a master’s degree accelerate the growth of your start-up?
We spoke to Zuzana Topolska 🇸🇰, to learn more about her reasons for doing her Master's program in spain and why she chose EAE Business School.
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Only a year after completing her bachelor’s degree in Prague, Zuzana Topolska decided that she wanted to start her own recruitment company: SISA Agency. In order to grow both personally and professionally and take her business to the next level, Zuzana eventually decided to move from Slovakia to Spain and do a Master’s in International Business at EAE Business School in Madrid. She told us why she chose EAE Business School, how she managed to grow her business with a master’s degree, and why Madrid is a great place to start a business.

Content in this video
00:00​​ - Zuzana Topolska (Slovakia), EAE Business School
00:29 - Professional experience before going to EAE
00:45 - Why did you 'go back to school'?
01:59 - Who teaches on the Master's in International Business?
03:30 - Accelerating growth of own company while at EAE
05:00 - Advice to students wanting to start their own business
06:11 - Madrid's start up scene
07:28 - Is it easy to start your own business in Spain?
08:16 - EAE's Master's in International Business curriculum
09:32 - Biggest lesson learned at EAE Business School
10:53 - Advice to future EAE students
11:24 - ...and if you're doubting whether to apply...?
Uploaded on Aug 02, 2022

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