What it’s like to study data science as a woman
Sophie Merl 🇩🇪, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
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Sophie Merl is currently completing a Master’s in Applied Data Science at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. After finishing her undergraduate studies in psychology and economics, Sophie realized she wanted to pivot her career towards statistics and data science. She shares more information about the program, including what it’s like to study data science as a woman and why Frankfurt School isn’t your typical German university.

Content in this video
00:00​​ - Sophie Merl, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
00:41 - Why choose Frankfurt School for Applied Data Science specialization?
01:54 - Learning methods used at Frankfurt school
03:27 - Frankfurt School class profile
04:41 - Frankfurt School Career Services
05:59 - Why choose Frankfurt as a study destination?
06:24 - Who teaches at Frankfurt School?
07:32 - Developing your soft skills at Frankfurt School
08:16 - How 'German' is Frankfurt School of Finance and Management?
09:08 - What future students should know about Frankfurt School
Uploaded on Aug 02, 2022

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