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Uploaded on May 13, 2019

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8 Top Revision Tips | Vlog
If you're heading into the thick of revision then you probably are already settling into your study routine. BCU Vlogger Claire also has some valuable advice gained from her own experience of revising, here are her eight top tips for revision.

0:16 Tip 1- Know your deadlines, this will help you to organise your time.

0:30 Tip 2- Don't over revise. Claire says you need to be able to "take your mind off exams and assignments".

0:54 Tip 3- Set smart goals. Find your own way to motivate yourself and set yourself goals and rewards.

1:24 Tip 4- Train the brain. Use your head. When your mind goes blank then it will need backup- Claire has some ideas how you can do that.

2:02 Tip 5- Keep it short. Bullet point your way through your revision and keep it specific.

2:24 Tip 6- Take time out. "It's a tough course sometimes". Get out there and do other things and keep well on top of that work and life balance.

2:53 Tip 7- Look after yourself. Take care over what you eat and drink, you will need to keep those energy levels up.

3:36 Tip 8- You're not alone! If it's all getting a bit too much then don't hesitate to seek help. Friends, family, tutors, student services- there are plenty of people out there who want to help you out.
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