Cookie Consent by Why this masters in international business is one of a kind
Why this masters in international business is one of a kind
Sarah Sanders - United States of America

We spoke to a current student at the USA’s Darla Moore School of Business to learn how their MS in International Business could open new doors in your career.

00:00 - Sarah Sanders 🇺🇸
00:50 - Why did you decide to pursue a Master's in International Business?
02:04 - What's the difference between doing a Bachelor's in International Business and a Master's?
03:52 - Did the international students enjoy the sports culture on campus?
05:02 - What is your top lesson from the Masters in International Business?
06:17 - How did you choose the Global Strategy certificate option?
07:28 - What was your favorite course in the Master's program?
09:58 - What is design thinking?
10:58 - Have you used design thinking in your professional life?
12:28 - How would you describe the culture within Darla Moore?
14:20 - What are the opportunities you saw for yourself after graduating?
15:31 - What makes Columbia, SC a unique place to study?
17:34 - Advice for prospective Master's students considering Darla Moore

Uploaded on Feb 14, 2023

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