Rashid Suarez Quddus 🇵🇭 - ESMT Berlin MIM
Rashid Suarez Quddus 🇵🇭 - ESMT Berlin MIM
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Content in this video
00:00​​ - Rashid Suarez Quddus 🇵🇭 - ESMT Berlin MIM
05:06 - ESMT Berlin MIM program - perfect match
06:20 - Biggest impact the MIM program had
07:28 - What you know now about the MIM program
09:00 - Berlin as a study destination
10:27 - Germany vs. Philippines education experience
13:05 - Workload of the MIM program
14:49 - ESMT Berlin Filipino alumni community
16:50 - What future ESMT Berlin MIM students should know
Uploaded on Aug 02, 2022

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