Navigating the AI landscape: Schulich's MMAI program prepares students for a career in AI
Tarnem Afify - Schulich School of Business, Canada

We spoke to a current student of the MMAI program at Schulich School of Business to learn about the program and how it prepares you for a career in AI.

00:00 - Tarnem Afify ūüá®ūüá¶
00:32 - Why were you recognized as a Top 30 Alumni Under 30?
01:37 - Why did you decide to pursue a Master in Management in Artificial Intelligence (MMAI)?
03:33 - What appealed to you about Schulich's MMAI program?
04:17 - Would the MMAI program be too hard for someone with a technical background?
05:21 - What is the workload like in the MMAI program?
06:28 - Are there courses you've really enjoyed or are looking forward to?
07:51 - Did you have any assumptions about AI that have been dispelled since joining?
09:28 - What are your top lessons so far from Schulich?
What are the opportunities you see for yourself after graduating?
10:47 - How would you describe the culture within Schulich?
12:08 - What makes Toronto a unique place to study?
13:07 - What advice do you have for those considering the Schulich School of Business?
13:45 - Is there anything else you'd like to share?
Uploaded on Feb 14, 2023

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