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MiM Global Economic Transformation & Technology
Find the REPLAY & THE ANALYSIS by Campus-Channel for this program here: http://www.campus-channel.com/fr/edhec-business-school-mim-global-economic-transformation-technology.html GUESTS: Ludovic Cailluet - GETT Programme Scientific Director, Professor of Strategy & Business History Utkarsh ARORA - Current GETT student, Indian QUESTIONS: 00:20 The Pitch 01:45 On average, what’s the size of this program in terms of number of students? 03:15 How much does it cost to study at Berkeley? 05:01 What specific corporate partners participate in this program? 07:21 Are we awarded three diplomas between Paris, Seoul and Berkeley? 10:42 Can French students who have completed a bachelor in economics join? How? How many have been admitted last year? 13:07 Do I need coding or programming skills to apply for this program? 15:11 Three Words Max Taboo 16:44 What kinds of jobs do students get with the diploma? 19:04 Hi. I’m from the US. Can you tell me more about the EDHEC campus, please? Is it like an American campus? 21:22 What hands-on projects do you assign us in the program? 23:27 Hi Utkarsh. What’s your advice to make the most of this master? 24:53 Why don’t we take sociology classes in the US or Paris like we do in Seoul with the Contemporary Society and Culture course? 26:37 Is it possible to specialize, in AI for example? 28:28 Final Destination 31:20 Do you organize visits to local companies in each city to meet with executives? 33:25 How does entrepreneurship come into play in this master? 34:44 How do we find housing in each city? Does the school provide student accommodation? 36:18 As a French student, is it possible to find work in Seoul or California after studying there? 38:05 The Sweetest
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