From Aeronautical Engineering to a Sales Position
Meet Aydan Kool ūüáłūüᨠ(Singapore) - Nyenrode Business University
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We chatted with Aydan Kool, a current Master in Management (MIM) student at Nyenrode Business University to learn more about the ‚ÄėNyenrode experience‚Äô. The MIM at Nyenrode ranked 68th in the global Top 100 Masters in Management (FT Rankings).

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00:00 - Introduction
00:16 - Why did you decide to do a Master in Amsterdam?
00:58 - Why at Nyenrode Business University?
01:56 - Why study Business after an Engineering degree?
03:15 - What are the biggest differences between these two fields of study?
04:31 - Describe the Nyenrode class profile
05:26 - What did you learn about yourself?
06:18 - Any tips for future Master students?
08:10 - How did Nyenrode respond to COVID-19?
09:13 - How will the pandemic impact the 'Nyenrode experience'?
#mastermonday #nyenrode #masters #MSc #mastervlog #mastergradschools #mastertube #Amsterdam
Uploaded on Dec 29, 2020

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