How a pre-master's can prepare you for master's success
Meet Karthik Natesan ūüáģūüá≥ (India) - Nyenrode Business University, Master In Management student.
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We spoke with Karthik Natesan, a current master’s student in the Netherlands, to hear about his time at Nyenrode Business University and how their pre-masters helped him prepare for his full-time master's and integrate into Nyenrode’s close community.

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00:00 - intro
00:52 - What does the class profile look like?
01:38 - Main difference between studying in India vs Holland?
02:46 - Describe the 'Nyenrode Experience'.
03:55 - How did COVID-19 affect your studies?
04:56 - Despide the pandemic, happy you went to Nyenrode?
06:00 - What should Indian students know before coming to EU?
07:47 - Cost implications for studying in Holland?
09:30 - What is the 'pre-Master? Compulsory?
11:27 - Your plans after graduation?
12:03 - The biggest take-aways from your experience?
Uploaded on Dec 30, 2020

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