How a gap year helped this student find her path in life
Julia Sch√§fer Barreto ūüáßūüá∑ - EDHEC Business School
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Brazilian student Julia Schäfer Barreto came to Europe looking to apply the theoretical knowledge she had gained in her bachelor’s to practical situations. She told MASTERGRADSCHOOLS how her gap year in Germany provided her with valuable practical experience and why EDHEC Business School might have one of the best career centers for students.

Content in this video
00:00‚Äč‚Äč - Intro
00:47 - From Brazil to France for your Master's Degree
02:00 - EDHEC 'Career Serviced for Life'
03:42 - How did career services help you?
05:25 - Benefit of a gap year
06:42 - How does EDHEC help you land an internship?
08:17 - Conditions and compensation for interns
08:40 - Julia's Double Degree
09:44 - What double degrees do EDHEC offer?
10:37 - What is the 'Grande √Čcole' in France?
Uploaded on Sep 06, 2021

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