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Hyundo Jhee 🇰🇷 - RSM Erasmus University
Meet Hyundo Jhee 🇰🇷 - RSM Erasmus University
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00:00​​ - Intro
01:50 - How will you combine your passion for journalism and business?
03:09 - Big differences between your Bachelors and Master's?
04:28 - How many students do a Double Degree at RSM?
05:49 - Describe the Master in Marketing Management Program
11:18 - Define 'Marketing'
14:07 - Do you need to be a creative person to study Marketing?
16:19 - How important is the quantitative aspects of Marketing?
18:27 - Why study Marketing at RSM Erasmus University?
21:23 - How as RSM and The Netherlands changed you?
Uploaded on Jul 09, 2021

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