How ESMT Berlin encourages learning outside the classroom
Ekin Su Matkap - Graduate of Masters in Management from ESMT Berlin
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Ekin Su Matkap, a gradate of the Master's in Management program at ESMT Berlin, highlights her experiences during the program – including the Social Impact Project.

Ekin explains the Social Impact Project, its mission, and her personal fulfilment from working alongside other women.

00:00​​ - Ekin Su Matkap
00:14 - Why did you decide to undergo your master's at ESMT Berlin?
01:12 - Are there international options for master's students?
02:22 - Why does ESMT Berlin encourages learning outside the classroom?
04:16 - What is the Social Impact Project?
06:05 - What is your Social Impact Project in Zanzibar about?
09:45 - How does ESMT Berlin support you?
11:51 - Who is in your Social Impact Project team?
13:02 - What do you wish to leave behind after the project?
14:28 - What are your hopes for the women you worked with during your Social Impact Project?
17:03 - How has this Social Impact Project impacted you personally?
Uploaded on Aug 02, 2022

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