Discover the benefits of a general business master’s
Diego Loggiodice 🇮🇹🇻🇪, EAE Business School
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It’s easy to feel the need to pinpoint a specialization that works for you, but as EAE Business School student Diego Loggiodice explains, keeping your options open can lead to many more opportunities. He spoke to MASTERGRADSCHOOLS about his motivations for choosing a general business master’s at EAE, the excellent career services on offer, and his success as a result of taking a broader approach in his studies.

Content in this video
00:00​​ - Diego Loggiodice, EAE Business School
03:34 - Bachelor vs. Master experience
06:31 - General vs. Specialized Master
10:25 - Biggest take-away from EAE experience
12:21 - Value of the internship experience
16:18 - How have you applied what you've learned in your current role?
19:50 - How transformative was the EAE experience for you?
Uploaded on Aug 02, 2022

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